The Romanian Society of Broadcasting becomes partner of Alexandru Obregia Clinical Psychiatric Hospital in 2017, continuing the suicide prevention among children and teenagers. The Center of Suicide Prevention and Association of Suicidology would like to thank to Radio România – România Actualități and România Regional for the mediatic campaign of suicide prevention. Also The Association of Suicidology wishes to give

The collaboration with Kindergarten No. 239 will continue

The students of sacred art program from “Justinian Patriarhul “Faculty of Orthodox Teology, maintain their support through a creative project of spiritual education. They collaborate with teachers and parents to implement important values for children’s development, reducing the rate of maladaptative behaviours.

Life is a gift and it’s important to treat it gently!.

World Suicide Prevention Day it is celebrated every year on September 10th since 2003. This initiative is supported by The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and World Health Organization (WHO). Sunday, on September 10th, the representatives of Association of Suicidology and General Directorate of Social Assistance of Bucharest, together with the volunteer members of


Between 25th and 27th of May took place The 7th Edition Of The Conference at Sambata de Sus, Brasov county. It was a warm and blessed atmosphere, where participants had a good and a constructive dialogue. The main conclusions were about the necessity of spiritual education for children as a form of prevention and the

The Fourth Edition of The Conference of Stress, Anxiety and Depression and their complications

Between 12th -13th of May 2017, Association of Suicidology accepted the invitation given by Houston to participate to SAD Conference 2017. MD Elena Brănaru and Principal Daniela Cruceanu, as representatives of the Center, participated along more than 500 doctors,pharmacists, nurses and psychologists with a well recived presentation, titled Center of Suicide Prevention for Children and

We continue during the 2016-2017 school year

Association of Suicidology had recived the acceptance of General School Inspectorate of the Municipality of Bucharest for the development of ASEBA project. The volunteer members are extremely grateful for the support offerd by the Board of Directors of The Iulia Hașdeu National College and The Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science.


The representants of Association of Suicidology, psychologist Patricia Toma, Dan Ionescu and Tudor Dediu, responded to the invitation of The General Direction of Social Assistance Bucharest, to attend the conference “Youth in Europe”. Since the first stage, held in 2008, the Municipality has obtained valuable informations about the social environment of young people in Bucharest.

The Sixth Edition of The Annual ”Conference on Suicide Prevention”

The 2016 Conference of Suicide Prevention took place in Constantin Brancoveanu Monastery, Sambata de Sus, from 8th to 10th of Semptember. This blissful place became a tradition for the meetings of the Association of Suicidology.                 In a warm and friendly evironment, the participants were from ISMB, Police of Bucharest, Archiepiscopate of Bucharest, Association of