Application of ASEBA tests in schools will ontinue in the school year 2015 – 2016

” The School Inspectorate”  in Bucharest, acepted this activity of volunteers from ” Association of Suicidology “, in prevention of suicide in children and adolescents, for the school year 2015 – 2016. ” Association of Suicidology” thanks to resposiveness of parents from ” Iulia Hasdeu ” National College and for confidence due to the ”


Psyhologist Alina Tudoran, volunteer at the Centre for Suicide Prevention in Children and Adolescents and member of the Sucidologie Association, was invited by the team DiGi24, on Sunday 04.10.2015. The event was broadcasted at 13,30 hour. Many thanks to television for their support in our activity.

September 10-th – The Day of Prevention of Suicide

“Youth Garden” from Bucharest at 10-th September 2015, was the host for the representants of “Suicidology Association”. They tried again to remind to people from Bucharest, that it is very importaant to give attention to others, to demonstrate them understandng and to act to help them. The rainny and chilly weather didn’t descurege our colleagues:

The 5-th Conference: Prevention of Suicide- Sambata de Sus

The 5-th Conference: Prevention of Suicide, was organised at The Academy Samabata de Sus, between 29.05. – 31.05.2015 and reunited specialists from Cluj, Tg.Mures, Miercurea Ciuc and Bucharest. This event was sustained at the same place, where with 25 years ago, the Priest Arsenie Boca, The Saint of Ardeal, brought the Light and Hope to

Two members of “Association of Suicidology” have runned at Bucharest Half marathon – popular race – 2015

On 17-th May 2015, over 10.000 runners from 50 countries, participated at the International Half marathon in Bucharest. Two of them, repesented The Association of Suicidology and  Hot-line for prevention of suicide 116123. They are Adrian Sarbu (no. of T-shirt 450), founder member of our association and Florin Murat (no. of T-shirt 2040) and want

“The National Interdisciplinary Conference: Stress, Anxiety, Depression”

The representants of “Association of Suicidology” , Adela Serghievici, dr.Elena Branaru, had perticipated in 8 – 9 May 2015 at “National Interdisciplinary Conference: Stress, Anxiety, Depression” (S.A.D.). There are three incentives which need an interdisciplinary approach. This event was created and organised by “The Company of Medical Communications”, Houston NPA. In the two days of


Hope Crisis Center Fracaritatis was the beginning of a new history of mental health service respectively Prevention Center suicide attempts in children and adolescents. Current team thanks to Mr. fr. Rene Stokman for the chance to be born.

National Gala Excellence in Social Work – Second Edition of

Suicidologie Association represented by Adela Serghiescu the invitation of the National Authority Directorate of Social Reintegration Penitenciarelor- to participate in the March 17, 2015, the National Gala Excellence in Social-edition – II a, The event was organized by the National College Social Assistance in Romania. Hostesses whole evening was Andreea Marin, and the guests listened

Myrtle-Working meeting

   Coverage of suicide in the media was the moment of meeting between representatives AO Altruism Chisinau, Ms Liuba Ceban Association representatives and Adrian Sarbu Suicidologie Elena Branaru. It was a time of communication and reflection on the phenomenon of suicide, in a warm, pleasant, which enabled a constructive dialogue between the parties and hopeful.


Suicidologie Representatives Association (Daniela Cruceanu, Aura Stefan, Valentina Neacsu, Adrian Sarbu , Elena Branaru) had the pleasure to reunite at Chisinau in  10 -14.03.2015 .Institute of Education Sciences representatives and partners working Mrs. director Liliana Pogolsa dr.hab.conf.univ invitation. Foray into self-destructive behavior prevention, integrative modules suicidologie led to a constructive dialogue between the parties, which