First National Conference Antisuicid in Moldova – Chisinau , November 20, 2014

In Romania , the First National Conference on Suicide Prevention held in 2011 , on top Saturday , the Association of Suicidologie , Directorate General of Social Assistance Bucharest , Psychiatric Hospital “Prof. Dr. Alexander Obregia ” and the Romanian Patriarchate , assuming the subsequent organization partners , every year , to such an event

Dl.Fr.Stockman visit the Center for Prevention of suicide attempts in children and adolescents, hopes for a future in the European context.

On the 28/10/2014 we have the pleasure of having with us on Dl.Fr.Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity. He met with representatives of the Association of Suicidologie, Adela Serghiescu, Wihelmina Ursan, Marta Maieran ,Valentina Neacsu, Elena Branaru and President of  Federation COGNOSIS -Mircea Radu. Hours were pleasant, warm, understanding, questions and answers, analysis